Andrei (Andreas) Scherbakov

R&D Engineer


Technical and scientific leadership in information systems and software design.


Verification & Reasoning

Temporal logic processing, property verification methodology, reasoning, solver task composition. Strong expertise in formal technology.

Compilers & Algorithms

Custom compilers. Data & algorithm optimization. Digital & analog circuit design. GUI/Graphics

HW/high level model description

System Verilog, Murphi


  • C++/C
  • OCaml
  • Tcl/Tk
  • Perl
  • Java
  • sh/csh
  • Python
  • Pascal/MainSail
  • XSLT


Strong analytical skills

Creative approach to task solving

Ability to work with highly integrated environment

Mentoring engineers in research and development

Willing to travel, advertise and communicate


Intel Corp.

Senior Software Engineer; Research Scientist

08/2004 – Present

Microarchitecture Research Power Analysis & Optimization of novel Vector Instruction Pointer (VIP) microprocessor architecture

Strategic CAD research Formal tools for software testing
Proposed and implemented a set of optimizations for Direct Automated Random software Testing (DART) including Re-alternation Limiting strategy that enabled a breakthrough in bug detection rate

Correct by construction layout generation
A pioneering automated flow for poly silicon layout design rule compliance based on SAT solvers.

Formal equivalence check against an abstract model
Proposed and proven an effective method for formal equivalence verification against High Level Model (HLM), developed a compiler to enable the flow.

SW Tools development Formal Property verification in HW design
Property Compiler – an application for logic design formal verification - one of the key contributors.
Implemented System Verilog Assertions (SVA) standard support in Formal Verification flows. Developed SVA Advisor - a WYSIWYG application facilitating scribing and understanding of SVA statements.

Other Presenter @ Intel SWPC conferences: 2012; 2010 (Best Demo award)

Moscow Center for SPARK technology (MCST)

R&D Engineer

03/1997 - 08/2004

Worked on VLSI/Compass/Avant!/Synopsys CAD tools development and support as a part of MCST outsourcing projects

CAD/CAE tools for logic
composing, editing layouts,
rule checking etc.– outsourcing projects
by VLSI/Compass/Avant!/
Graphical interfaces & visualization for CAD/CAE

Algorithms on networks

CAD framework (cell caching, logistics etc)

Developed an universal text/GUI configuration system for CAD components (“Option manager”)

Installation & license management applications, remote interfaces etc.

Technical documentation make-up

Institute for Precise Mechanics
& Computing Equipment (IPMCE)

Intern Engineer

03/1994 - 03/1997

Developed an internal synthesis system for implementing parts of Elbrus computer logic in field programmed gate arrays (Altera FPGA)

Sinq (small enterprise, nowadays a retail company)

Co-founder, Electronic designer


Electronic design & electronic equipment and production:car electronics, show lighting controllers


Moscow Institute for Physics & Technology (Technical University) (MIPT)

M.S. in Computers & Networks, June 1993

MIPT Post graduate courses, 1996.


Conditional jump Re-alternation Limiting based speed-up of Directed Automated program testing.// Micro- and nanoelectronic system design problems conference, 2012, Moscow

High Level Model based Verification of Digital Circuit Behaviour.// Micro- and nanoelectronic system design problems conference, 2010, Moscow


Realization of solver based techniques for dynamic software verification. Microsoft Summer School in Software Engineering and Verification, Moscow, Russia, on July 17–27, 2011

“Property Verification” as a part of “Math Basics of CAD“ course for Intel interns, Moscow Institute for Physics & Technology (Technical University) (MIPT)

Other potential areas of interest

Information Retrieval, particularly, search through Social networks

“Correct by construction” software and hardware development methods and tools

Andreas Scherbakov —

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